“Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.”

A le Anasir, the land of elements. The continents were divided into four tribes ruled over by the original Elemental Gods. The Nar tribe, ruled by the fire god Lahab. The Ma’an tribe, ruled by the water god Mawja. The Ard tribe, ruled by the earthen god Muedan. The Hawa tribe, ruled by the air god Nasim. There were other smaller tribes, but each answered in turn to their respective gods.

The four tribes lived together for thousands of years. Long enough for other races to grow and flourish under their protection. But with the growth of these new races and their kingdoms, conflict became more prevalent. The tribes fought over land and rights for nearly a century, tearing the world asunder. After so much conflict and devastation, the tribes agreed to a ceasefire. Now each tribe controls their own stretch of territory. But the fires of war are not so easily extinguished.

There is however, a neutral territory… an island in the middle of lake Buhayra. The town of Albidaya, where no elemental treads, and where our story begins.

Raging Elements

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