Raging Elements

Our Adventure Begins
With our band of misfits.

Our adventure dawns on the Crumbling Castle, a well-off Inn near central Albidaya, just outside the market. A couple local bar brawlers heard tell of a newcomer to the town, and wanted to personally greet him. Upon entering the fine establishment, they couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the great mahogany double doors depicting a dangerous battle between the distinguished inn keeper and a dastardly dragon. Kelson, then noticing the dragon head mounted above the inn keeper, was blown away when he finally realized that was the same dragon from the door. Rowan, back on track, almost immediately located the newcomer. After getting his Drow partner’s attention, they strode over to this human male, passing by the halfling bard Basil who was performing a wonderful song. He introduced himself as Aldarion, and hailed them as a knight descendant of the northern air kingdom long since fallen. Rowan and Kelson couldn’t care less and challenged him to a fight. The innkeeper, a grizzled retired adventurer by the name of Beoric, who knew the two brawlers personally had everyone clear the room. By this point, it had become daily routine for the patrons as those two had been causing trouble together for the last two years or so.

Everyone spread out and formed a ring, Basil immediately began taking bets, able to bluff to some people that the new guy looked like he had seen some action. In the end, the room split about 70 / 30 in favor of the new guy. That was a bad choice. Within 30 seconds, Aldarion had been laid out by the two brawlers. Basil collected his earnings and Beoric collected the fallen fighter. One of the patrons, who was unusually drunk at this hour in the morning approached the victors. He slurred through his words, complimenting the two on their strength, and then asked if they knew of any work nearby. Beoric heard the drunkard and laughed, he said that he had some work if the mage was interested. The mage introduced himself as Muin and quickly agreed. Rowan and Kelson, eager to make a quick buck, gladly joined the Magus. The bard Basil was also interested as he and Rowan grew up together. If the job was coming from Beoric, they could use the help. Beoric threw a tankard’s worth of water at the unconscious Aldarion. Startled awake, Aldarion threw a wild punch which Beoric caught easily. After explaining the situation, Aldarion also wished to take part in the quest. But they would begin that the next morning as Aldarion was still quite sore.

They were to deal with an outbreak of rats in an old abandoned house near the north-eastern section of the city, right along the city wall. The group quickly found the place and ventured inside. After killing a half dozen rats on the main floor, they dropped down into the basement one after another, all the while combating a pair of Dire Rats. Once the rats were vanquished, with part of one’s skull still stuck on Kelson’s warhammer, the group finds the source of the rats, a 3ft diameter hole that was perfectly smooth and perfectly straight and too long to see the end. Muin cast detect magic to see if anything had made this hole on purpose, and there was traces of earth elemental magic used. The group decided to send Basil to scout out the tunnel. They figured he would have the easiest time as a halfling. Basil, upon reaching the end heard a couple people speaking in Terran. There wasn’t anything odd about it at all, just a normal conversation between some friends. He looked out and saw that they were obscured by the dark brown hooded robes they wore. He decided to return to the others before he went any farther.

After some deliberation, it was agreed that Basil, Rowan, and Muin would take a look down the tunnel while Aldarion and Kelson would return to Beoric to claim the group’s reward. The adventure group reached the end of the tunnel once again to find that only one hooded figure was present. Basil quickly snuck out of the hole and hid behind a small rock outcrop. He used his bardic prowess to distract the guard and bought time for his two companions to exit the tunnel. However, the hooded figure returned before they had a chance to hide. Surprised, the hooded man asked who they were. Muin immediately attempted to cast daze… it failed. The hooded man, being a wizard himself was upset that they tried to enchant him, and began to tell the three of them off. Realizing that the man was in no way hostile, the three felt ashamed for jumping to conclusions. The hooded man left the three of them there and returned to the mail area of this cave. After following behind the man quietly, they found a group of people with similar colored robes, one of which was adorned with gold trim and designs resembling mountains.

The leader of the group noticed them immediatley and asked who they were and how they got there. The group told them about the extermination job and that they came through a hole dug by the ways of magic. The leader was shocked at this, almost suspiciously so. Basil tried to see through his words, but only had the feeling that he wasn’t sharing all that he knew. The group heard faint rumbling coming from the other side of what they believed was a solid stone wall, but Muin thought otherwise. He cast detect magic and, sure enough, this wall was an illusion. Upon disbelieving the illusion, he peered into a much larger cave than the rest of the group saw. Inside were several hulking masses of living stone, earth elementals. The robed leader took notice that Muin had seen through his wall and told them that if they did not leave, he would have his “friends” escort them out. With additional words from Muin, the group left quite hastily.

Once outside, the group met with the two they sent back to Beoric as well as Beoric himself. When Kelson had told Beoric about the hole leading outside the town and the brown robed men, Beoric insisted that they show him where it was. After a recap of the other group’s findings, Beoric handed them the keys to his inn with a wicked grin on his face. He told them that rooms were free for the next three days and to get some rest tonight, as he had some work to do. The group agreed, understanding that they would only be in his way if they stayed. As they left, they heard the deafening crash of Beoric smashing through an entire wall because he couldn’t fit through the door.

The group arrived back in town around dusk and decided to rest for the night per Beoric’s suggestion. In the morning, they went about their morning routines, Aldarion caring for his horse Coconuts, Muin preparing his spells, Rowan and Kelson competing during breakfast, and Basil just enjoying the sunrise. Noon quickly arrived and there was still no sign of Beoric so the group headed to the Slammed Scallop in the slummier part of Albidaya to check out the job board. They took a few odd jobs that lasted them until dusk, and returned to the Crumbling Castle to find Beoric behind the counter. Beoric began to regale them with the battle he just had. Noting how they were no match for his greataxe. To everyone’s surprise, the cave had turned out to be a long forgotten dragon’s hoard. Beoric finished the fight in just an hour or two and spent the rest of the time gathering treasures. He told the adventurers that they were free to go check out the damage, but that he had looted almost all of it. The group is to go to the cave in the morning, but for now they head to sleep.

Welcome to the campaign!
The party has yet to form.

This is the land of A le Anasir, once a utopia for all, has become a ticking time bomb with the animosity held by each of the elemental tribes. Our heroes begin in the neutral town of Albidaya, but which tribe will they ally themselves with? Or will they completely ignore the issue at hand and become goat herders? We will see soon enough.


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